When they say blood, sweat, and tears, it really is true… over the following weeks, I will be sharing with you the journey of building the Brooklyn Tasting Room from the bottom up. From signing the lease, to working with a designer, to getting my RSA and licensee training, to interviews, consultations with 18 different organisations including NSW Health (no, they are not busy at aaaall at the moment 😅), RMS, Council, Police, Aboriginal Lands Council, to name a few, to lining up trades (some of which pulled out due to border closures), to late nights, delivers with incomplete stock, deliveries with too much stock, the list goes on.

I have always appreciated fine dining/great coffee/beautiful spaces, though I will never walk into a shop/cafe/restaurant again without a new lense of awe and appreciation.

I would not have been able to achieve great things without the incredible of Jay, from @the.office.burringbar. Thank you, Jay. Only a strong and capable soul can tolerate not only the technical and physical support you have shown, but also the wine-affected meltdowns (someone has to taste the wine for the shop 😉) and emotional support which has been unwavering and consistent. Thank you. You are one in 7.6 billion. ☺️

As I share more of this journey, I will be thanking the many people and businesses who have supported the Brooklyn Tasting Room over the last few months. We are getting closer to announcing our open date… so watch this space legends.

In this video:
Thank you Nick from @realestateofdistinction and
Craig from @risefarm – another person who knows all about hard work!